Barolo DOCG Rocche di Castelletto 2018/2019 Cascina Chicco

Variety of vine: Nebbiolo 100% Vineyard position: Castelletto, in the township of Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont, Italy. Southwest and west exposure, in a zone particularly wellsuited for growing Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo. Soil: clayey-limestone Date of harvest: second half of October Wine-making: in this vineyard, because the yield per vine must not exceed 2 kg, two thinnings are done – one at the beginning and one at the end of August. During harvest, which is done manually by specialized vineyard workers, particular attention is given to the grape sorting. Each plant is harvested twice with a period of 6 - 10 days in between. Fermentation lasts 15 days and happens in small, stainless steel tanks with repeated pumping-over for adequate color extraction. Maceration continues after fermentation for a total of 40 - 45 days. After, the wine is transferred to wood barrels of 2,000, 2,500, and 5,000 liters. Here is where malolactic fermentation begins, as the wine rests for 30 months before being transferred, once again, to stainless steel tanks where it will remain for 8 months. After about 4 years from the date of harvest, the wine is ready to be put on the market. Tasting notes: on the nose, this wine is elegant, with complex notes of raspberry, liquorice, and spices. It is full-bodied, powerful, and balanced by the sweetness of the tannins that characterize its lasting impression on the palate. Dishes: this is a great wine to pair with important, flavorful meals, like meat roasts and cheeses (best if aged). Recommended serving temperature: 18° C.

CHF 35.99
CHF 47.99 /Litre
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  • Région Italy
  • Type de bière Piedmont
  • Couleur Red
  • Alcool (%) 14.50%
  • Température de service (°C) 18°C
  • Culture Gluten-free
  • Grape Variety Nebbiolo