Château du Glana 2015 Saint-Julien *

Built in 1870, the beautiful monument of Château du Glana is located in the Saint-Julien appellation. The first known owner of this building was Mr Cayx and it was he who began planting the vineyard. From the vines of the fragmented Château Saint-Pierre, the fourth Grand Cru classified in 1855, Cayx created a vineyard of 5 hectares. In 1961 the estate was bought by a nurseryman named Gabriel Meffre, who decided to make Château du Glana his new project. Wanting to expand the vineyard, he bought several plots of land, including those of other Grands Crus classés. Since then, three generations have worked hand in hand to develop the unexploited potential of this estate.

CHF 27.39
CHF 36.52 /Litre
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  • Région France
  • Type de bière Bordeaux
  • Couleur Red
  • Alcool (%) 13.50°C
  • Température de service (°C) 16°C
  • Culture Gluten-free
  • Brasserie Château du Glana
  • Grape Variety Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Sauvignon