Château Jamais Renoncer 2020

Located 45 km east of Bordeaux, on the right bank, the property is located in the continuity of the hills of Saint-Emilion on the lands of the ultimate battle of the hundred years war which put an end to English domination after 300 years of reign, in 1453. The vine has been planted there since high antiquity. From the 2nd century, the Romans rooted the first plants and the writings of Ausone in the 4th century allow us to know that the wine from this vineyard was renowned as far away as Rome.

CHF 10.86
CHF 14.48 /Litre
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  • Région Francia
  • Type de bière Bordeaux
  • Couleur Rosso
  • Alcool (%) 13.00%
  • Température de service (°C) 17°C
  • Culture senza glutine
  • Brasserie Bernard Magrez
  • Vitigno Cabernet Franc
    Cabernet Sauvignon