Insel Baltic Stout

British-Style Imperial Stout

CHF 3.46
CHF 10.48 /Litre
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  • Région Germany
  • Type de bière Top-fermenting / Ale
  • Couleur Dark
  • Alcool (%) 7.50°C
  • Température de service (°C) 16°C
  • Brasserie Insel Brauerei

Pairings and dishes

bitter chocolate, plum cake, cinnamon rolls


A captivating bouquet of chocolate and Turkish coffee.


The high percentage of roasted oat and wheat barley results in a very creamy drink – like a mousse au chocolat made from bitter chocolate.


World Beer Award 2018 - Germany Gold; Meiningers International Craft Beer Award 2017 - Gold


A deep black colour in the glass with an impressive, beige head.