Insel German Coast IPA

Double India Pale Ale

CHF 3.46
CHF 10.48 /Litre
- +
  • Région Germany
  • Type de bière Top-fermenting / Ale
  • Couleur Blond
  • Alcool (%) 7.50°C
  • Température de service (°C) 10°C
  • Brasserie Insel Brauerei

Pairings and dishes

Piquant dishes, burgers, blue cheese


German hop varieties and the ripening over pine cones and branches generate a pleasurable, thirst-quenching freshness with the appetizing, resinous spiciness of the coastal forest.


Dry, bitter, Nordically rough edged and with the freshness of the Baltic Sea.


New beer from the Insel brewery brewed since Mai 2018


A rich, radiant golden colour crowned by a fine-pored head.