Oskar Blues Thick Haze New England-Style IPA

A New England-Style IPA is very hoppy but has a soft mouthfeel and low bitterness. 7% ABV.

CHF 2.81
CHF 7.92 /Litre
- +
  • Région United States
  • Type de bière Top-fermenting / Ale
  • Couleur Blond
  • Alcool (%) 7.00°C
  • Température de service (°C) 4°C
  • Brasserie Oskar Blues Brewery

Pairings and dishes

Sautéed asparagus with lemon. Raclette. Fruit salad.


Fresh fruit, tropical and citrus, with peach and stone fruit.


Silk haze, with tropical, cirrus, and fruity hop characteristics.


Thick Haze is unfiltered to let flavorful, armoatic hop particles run the show. It's undeniably Thick with Haze.


Pours a soft blonde color with haziness and white head.