La Mauriane 2015 Puisseguin-Saint-Emilion *
  • 75 cl
  • Primeur

La Mauriane 2015 Puisseguin-Saint-Emilion *

La Mauriane is the dream of a viticulture free of modernity, of a return of man to the vineyards. It is also an ode to these clay and limestone soils, on which nothing can grow but vines and a few fruit trees. To flee from the ease of sweetness, the fatness of viscosity, the mediocrity of bitterness and to go towards fluidity, minerality, sapidity. La Mauriane is a still green circus from which emerge black Merlots and purple Cabernet Francs picked on those uncertain autumn days by a small troop of pickers, most of them nomads.

CHF 32.17
CHF 42.89 /Litre
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  • Région France
  • Type de bière Bordeaux
  • Couleur Red
  • Alcool (%) 14.00%
  • Température de service (°C) 17°C
  • Culture Gluten-free
  • Brasserie La Maurianne
  • Grape Variety Cabernet Franc