Ardbeg Wee Beastie *

“Wee” is a Scottish adjective which means small/little. A “beastie” is a creature, usually small and often with ‘attitude’ beyond its size. In this instance, the ‘Wee Beastie’ is in fact the whisky itself. Only 5 years old yet incredibly powerful with a formidable bite. 5 years old. ex-Bourbon & Oloroso sherry casks. PALATE A rich, explosive mouthfeel with lots of chocolate, tar, creosote and smoked bacon, followed by a burst of antiseptic lozenges, eucalyptus and more aniseed. A long, salty and mouthcoating finish with hints of cocoa, fudge and savoury meats.

CHF 49.68
CHF 70.97 /Litre
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  • Région Scotland
  • Type de bière Whisky
  • Alcool (%) 47.40°C