Bas-Armagnac Pure Folle Blanche 8 ans Domaine Tariquet *

FolleBlanche100% Agoldenrobeandasap-heavybouquet,withaccentsofvanilla,plumandorange zest. A tight flavour with a lively punch, coloured by notes of plants and fruits, backed by faint cocoa aromas. A great length of flavour, building to a finish dominatedbywoodynotesandorangezest. Servedatroom temperature orchilled,the naturalintensity of the Folle Blanche willprovideadeliciouscontrasttodessertswithorangeandchocolate

CHF 67.54
CHF 96.49 /Litre
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  • Région France
  • Type de bière Armagnac
  • Alcool (%) 50.50°C