Coureur des Bois Whisky-Erable *

This unique whisky liqueur is the result of a combination between our famous canadian whisky and a grade « A » maple syrup. Balanced, creamy and complex with hints of rye and spices, the « Coureur des Bois » whisky exposes a slightly malted nose. You will also denote undeniable hints of caramel and rich maple aromas. Ideal « on the rocks » as an after dinner drink, or as an appetizer. Bartenders also love using this authentic whisky in an original cocktail. Why not try a Whisky sour or an Apricot chill. Great also as a chaser with a cold beer. 31.7% alc/vol 75 cl

CHF 53.13
CHF 70.84 /Litre
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  • Région Canada
  • Type de bière Whisky
  • Alcool (%) 31.70°C