Limonceflo *

Limonceflo is an artisanal liqueur, entirely prepared by hand in Switzerland and the lemons are 100% organic. No additives or preservatives have been added to preserve the intense and natural taste of the fruit. Production

CHF 37.66
CHF 75.32 /Litre
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  • Région Switzerland
  • Type de bière Liqueurs
  • Alcool (%) 35.00°C

Pairings and dishes

Limonceflo Spritz Ingredients: - 4 cl Limonceflo - 6 cl of prosecco - 2 cl of lemon juice - 2 cl of sparkling water - a slice of lemon - 3-4 ice cubes A refreshing and sparkling mix to enjoy in the sun !


Tasting advice: Serve chilled Storage: Keep cool and protected from light. Once opened, keep in the freezer and consume within 12 months.