CR/AK Mundaka

Conceived in the Bay of Mundaka, American and European hops combine together to give aromas and flavors with the same violence of the most powerful left-breaking wave of Europe. This Beer just won the Silver Medal of Session Beer of the European Beer Star 2018 awards.

CHF 4.21
CHF 10.53 /Litre
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  • Région Italy
  • Type de bière Top-fermenting / Ale
  • Couleur Blond
  • Alcool (%) 4.60°C
  • Température de service (°C) 6°C
  • Brasserie CRAK Brewery

Pairings and dishes

Meat, pizza, salad


The main aroma is given by hops,with a clear delicate herbaceous with a light floral sensation


Delicate and refreshing, the tastes felt by the nose, developed by the hops, are immediately perceived by the mouth. The bitter sensation in very light and pleasant.


Mundaka - 1st Place at Birra dell’anno - Category 11 (Session IPA)


Very light and persistent foam. Clear beer with a light yellow color.