Bas-Armagnac Pure Folle Blanche 15 ans Domaine Tariquet *

Folle Blanche 100% A resplendent colour with hints of mahogany. An intense, complex nose of orange preserve, rancio, honey and pepper. The delicious amplitude of the attack and the density of flavour on the palate powerfully lead a mellow yet intense crescendo of spices. The complex rancio ties the various elements together in to a coherent whole, with along, smooth finish replete with dried fruit flavours. Serve at room temperature, or warm it gently with your hands to release the full aromaticpotential.

CHF 91.55
CHF 130.79 /Litre
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  • Région France
  • Type de bière Armagnac
  • Alcool (%) 47.20°C